Cook Like A “Master Chef” at Home

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Cook Like A “Master Chef” at Home

We are teaching you how to cook at home like a Master chef. Our people are highly skilled with Michelin Star restaurant backgrounds.

Private cooking lessons are very creative and help to bring you to the next level.

Our service helps you to save time, money and teach a lot of new tips and tricks.



Menu sample.


Slow Cooked Octopus, Tomatoes, Green Olives and Sea Herbs

Quail Salad, Pine Nuts, Qinua and crispy eggs

Rabbit Ragout on Rosemary Toast

Rack of lamb, Garlic Mousse, Australian young veggies and Carrot Puree

Duck Breast, Young Peas, truffle and Onion Jam

 Beef, Pork Chips, Braised Onions, Smoked Butter Potato Mash

Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet whit Champagne

Dark Chocolate with Beetroot

Sincerely yours,

Koidula PTY.LTD


Marinated Baltic herring with fennel seeds, goat cheese mousse, trout caviar, chive cottage cheese and black walnut bread

Meelis Jääger2

Low-cooked organic beef tenderloin with rosemary butter, caramelized smoked ham, mini patisson, grilled fennel,variations of onions (crisp and ultra soft), balsamico demi glace sauce and green peas


Ravioli with lemon butter, sour cream and fresh salad

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Ravioli with lemon butter, sour cream and fresh salad

pilt 1

  • 400g pelmeene
  • 100g hapukoort
  • peotäis kirsstomateid
  • peotäis värsket salatit
  • rohelist sibulat
  • 1 supilusika täis võid
  • 1 sidrun
  • maitsestamiseks sool ja  pipar

Keeda pelmeenid rohkes vees umbes 4 min. Sulata pannil või, riivi poole sidruni koor pannile; lisa pelmeenid ja prae kergelt 1 min. Maitsesta soola ja pipraga.

pilt 2

Lõika noaga diagonaalis rohelisest sibulast ilusad peenikesed ribad ning poolita kirsstomatid.

pilt 3

Serveeri pelmeenid hapukoore, värske salati ja kirsstomatitega.


Lightly smoked tiger prawn, lobster foam and salicornia

Lightly smoked tiger prawn, lobster foam and salicornia